Can You Earn Money While Shopping?

Earn money doing what you like the most-- shopping!

Yes, there are websites and apps more than willing to reward consumers who go shopping.
Begin to make money at home by shopping your heart out!

It sounds like a dream come true…

How to Earn Money While Shopping Works

Many get paid to go shopping on money back websites that have affiliate arrangements with stores. Basically, this means they get paid a commission when they send someone to a store’s website.

Whenever a customer clicks on such a link and makes a purchase on the affiliate website, the money back site gets a commission from the affiliate website. These cash back websites will generally utilize cookies to keep track of and track transactions made by consumers on their site.

So, to attract users like you and me to use their shopping website, they share some of that commission with us, the shoppers, in the form of cashback.

12-Minute Affiliate

Here's How to Begin Earning Money While Shopping 

Step 1: Sign up for one the cashback sites listed below.

Step 2: Login and click on the link to the store you want to shop from.

Step 3: Shop as you would normally.

Step 4: Your account gets credited automatically with the cashback amount for that store.

Step 5: Get paid!

Cash Back Sites

1. Swag Bucks
Swag Bucks is a massive shopping portal where you can get cash back for shopping from thousands of online stores.
You can even get paid to take surveys.
2. Coupon Cactus They have arrangements with over 18,000 stores you can shop on

3. Rakuten
Rakuten or formerly Ebates has been around for a long time and claims to have given back over 100 million dollars.

4. Pennyful With Pennyful you don’t have to wait for a certain balance of money back to be built up, they will give your pay out anytime you have cash back..

5. Mr. Rebates
They holds on to your cash back until it amounts to $10, then send out a check through the mail.

6. Receipt Hog Here you earn virtual coins by taking pics of your receipts.
The virtual coins you earn can be traded in for cash via PayPay, Visa prepaid card, or Amazon gift cards.

Choose one of these site and once you've spotted something you desire to shop for online, be sure to use the cash back site for shopping. This way you can start to make cash at home easily.

Final Thoughts

Most importantly because most cash back sites are free to join you do not need to make any preliminary investment to sign up with such sites.

This further boosts the potential to generate income in your home with this and simple method.

So, whether your buying groceries online or purchasing a luxury electronic gadget-- shopping online can be an excellent way to make money in the house.

12-Minute Affiliate